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Join the Gold Coast Area’s “Inmate Step Writing Guide” Sub Committee

(Sponsorship Behind the Walls)


The closest thing to written sponsorship we can offer within our guidelines and traditions,

until the incarcerated addict is able to go to regular open meetings and find a regular sponsor.


For orientation on becoming an

“Inmate Step Writing Guide!


Join us on zoom!

Meeting ID: 997 332 247

Password: 328232


Tuesday, October 20th at 7pm

Wednesday, October 28th at 7pm

Friday, October 30th at 7pm


Our Inmate Step Writing Guide Committee has just

received letters from 30 incarcerated addicts

seeking recovery and looking for guides to take them

through the 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous


Below are the requirements for our members to become a ISWG sponsor.

They must have at least 2 years clean.

They must be active in recovery.

They must have worked the first 5 steps of NA.

They must be willing to help an addict that is incarcerated work the steps through the mail.

They must be willing to attend our monthly subcommittee meeting.


*Please contact Denise at 561-777-3123 or Luigi at 954-687-7099 for any questions


See flyer for more information.