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A. CHAIRPERSON Nominated and elected by the ASC.

1) Two (2) years clean time.

2) Six (6) months prior involvement in the Literature Review Subcommittee.

3) An example of living recovery through application of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous.

DUTIES: Is responsible for review and input form and approval form literature from the World Service Conference Literature Committee. Should hold meetings and/or workshops to inform the area fellowship about these items and to collect input on these items and forward them to the Regional Service Literature Committee and World Literature Committee. Arranges times and agendas for all Subcommittee meetings and workshops and communication with other committees. Acts as liaison between the Area and the Literature Subcommittee. Must attend all ASC meetings and give an oral and written report to include a financial account of monies spent. Must attend the meeting with the ASC Vice-Chairperson prior to the ASC. Is responsible for utilizing the most cost effective method of preparing all materials, that is, review form literature, workshop materials (i.e.: hand copying, collating, etc.). Must attend all RSC meetings. Should acquaint him/herself with the Gold Coast Area Service Policy.



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