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Updates for Gold Coast Area Members, Groups (& Shared Suggestions)

Gold Coast Family & Friends:

With 32 groups responding, we will POSTPONE the April 5 ASC to May 17 (May 10 is Mother's Day).

Please continue to reach out if you have questions, concerns, or information to share! Please continue to utilize the website ( and the 24-HOUR HELPLINE at 888-524-1777. You can find MANY GOLD COAST VIRTUAL MEETINGS!!! Also visit for more information and check out the numerous virtual meetings online around the world!

Gold Coast Area /

Greetings Gold Coast Area Family & Friends!

The Area recognizes the autonomy of the Groups and would like to take a moment to extend its continued support to Area Groups and Members. In response to the many questions about the continuity of subcommittee and group meetings and other aspects of service, please take a moment to review the following:

• At this time, all subcommittees are still meeting at regular times and locations.