NA Helpline Available 24 HRS, Call 1-888-524-1777

Greetings Gold Coast Area and Friends,

The GC ASC Minutes from 04.14.2019 have been uploaded to our website, They are attached here as well, along with any flyers that were provided at Area. MOTHER'S DAY IS NEXT MONTH so we will meet on the 3rd Sunday!!! We will be meeting again on May 19, 2019 at 1:00 PM at Serenity by the Sea, 3561 NW 9th Ave, Oakland Park, FL 33309.

Keep the following in mind:
- There are 0 open ASC or GCCNA ASC-elected positions open at this time.
- GCCNA 30 is seeking NOMINATIONS to be returned to next Area... 12 positions!!!
- There are 5 motions for groups to vote on for the AREA.
- There are 0 motions for groups to vote on for the REGION.
- PLEASE REMEMBER to email (literature-distribution [at] or text your orders to Literature Distribution by the Friday before area.
- Effective 12/09/2018, each group will received 20 free meeting lists automatically with each order. If a group would like to order more, they should add the additional quantity desired onto their order and they will be charged accordingly.

In Loving Service,
Hira M. & Crister M.