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The Gold Coast Convention of Narcotics Anonymous is held by members of the Gold Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous to bring our fellowship together in the celebration of recovery. Meetings, workshops and other activities are scheduled to encourage unity and fellowship among our members. Because this Convention is sponsored by the Gold Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous, it should always conform to NA Principles and reflect our primary purpose.

GCCNA is organized and made possible by its various subcommittees, including:

  • Arts & Graphics: Responsible for the theme and all designs for the Convention, including designing the Convention Banner, tickets, logos, flyers, Convention posters, directional posters, T-shirts, coffee cups and other merchandise.
  • Auction: Responsible for gathering NA merchandise and memorabilia and auctioning those items at the convention.
  • Banquet: Responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Convention Banquet (i.e. decorations, centerpieces, etc.)
  • Convention Information: Responsible for letting the fellowship know about the Convention and to provide information services during the Convention.
  • Entertainment and Fund-Raising: Responsible for raising funds to help finance the Convention, coordinating all activities during the Convention (i.e. Dances, Comedy Shows, Pool Parties, Sporting Activities, etc.), selecting the DJ's, bands and other forms of entertainment.
  • Hospitality: Responsible for helping people at the Convention feel at home by welcoming them and offering a pleasant and hospitable environment.
  • Marathon: Responsible for gathering volunteers to chair the Marathon Meetings before the Convention and keeping the meetings running smoothly during the convention to offer any Convention registrant a non-topic open meeting in which they may participate throughout the Convention.
  • Merchandise: Responsible for working with the Gold Coast Area in implementing the theme and designs for the Convention and to manage all purchasing and retailing of Convention merchandise.
  • Programming: Responsible for selecting speakers, workshop topics and workshop chairpersons, designing the Convention program and making sure all scheduling coordinates with other Convention activities.
  • Registration: Responbile for handling all matters regarding Convention registration, keeping accurate records of monies received and names of people registered, preparing registration packets and operating the registration table at the Convention.
  • Serenity Patrol: Responsible for maintaining an atmosphere of recovery at the Convention, making sure that guests respect the facility in which the Convention is being held, ensuring that limited personnel and property damage occurs and all GCCNA Convention policy guidelines are followed during the Convention. Serenity Patrol also acts as a liaison between the GCCNA host committee and the facility in which the convention is being held.

For more information on this committee's service positions and responsibilities, please see our ASC Policy Manual.

Why Should I Get Involved?

The Convention Subcommittee is a great way to get involved with service in the Gold Coast Area. The Gold Coast Convention of Narcotics Anonymous helps promote unity and a sense of camaraderie within the Gold Coast Area NA community. Without the Convention Subcommittee, it would be very difficult to plan, organize, and host such a large event which most consider a very important part of their recovery!

How Do I Get Involved?

Please check the Service Committee Meetings page for meeting times and locations.

For more information, please contact the Convention Subcommittee Chairperson by email at: gccna [at]

Second Tuesday of each month at 7pm

The Sanctuary Church FTL (The Glass Room)

  • Once you turn into the church campus, drive toward the main sanctuary. 
  • Parking available in lot to the right or on the grass. 
  • Look for the covered walkway that connects the main sanctuary and the school building. 
  • There is a small reflection/ meditation garden -- you will see the Glass Room facing this garden at the end of the covered walk.

1400 North Federal Highway
The Glass Room
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
United States