Literature Orders - May 2020


In an effort to assist our groups, the literature distribution subcommittee will be distributing literature
and supplies on Sunday, May 17th between the hours of 4PM and 6PM at Serenity By The Sea
Clubhouse. Please note: our regional office is currently not open for business and therefore we are
working with limited inventory. We ask that groups please be mindful of this and only order items that
are needed. A list of our most limited items is provided below. We will do our best to fill every order
that is placed but reserve the right to adjust orders as we see fit to ensure all orders are filled. The
committee will only be accepting preorders for this month’s area.
Please follow these guidelines to
place an order.

• Orders should be emailed to literature-distribution [at] or sent via text message to
either the chair (Lili Z. 954-253-4298) or vicechair (Gabi R. 201-283-4891)
• Orders must be sent in by 11:59PM on Friday, May 15th. We cannot guarantee fulfillment of any
orders sent after this time. We will not be accepting orders in person on Sunday, only
distributing pre-orders.
• Group members may pick up orders in person between 4PM and 6PM on Sunday May 17th. (this
is after area meets virtually the same afternoon)
• Group representatives must pay for their orders in cash, we will provide and retain a receipt of
each transaction.
• Please note: you must wear a face covering to enter Serenity by the Sea Clubhouse. Only 30
people are allowed inside at a time.

Thank you in advanced for following these guidelines! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate
to reach out.

In loving service,
Lili Z. and Gabi R


We are low or out of the following items

Books: Just For Today (0 in stock), Sponsorship Book (0 in stock), Stepworking Guide (16 in stock)

IPs: Just For Today #8 (0 in stock) Sponsorship #11 (0 in stock), Triangle of Self Obsession #12 (50 in
stock), One Addict’s Experience #14 (20 in stock), H&I and the NA Member #20 (10 in stock), Funding
NA Services #28 (0 in stock)

Keytags: Low on all colors with a limited number of each. Please only order as needed.


Please see attachments for pre-order forms and more information.