Gold Coast Area Coronavirus Updates

Much gratitude to our members during this ever-evolving time.  The ASC continues to support Groups and Members.  We are fortunate to have a Program that helps us accept change and a Fellowship that supports us during this process.  We are never alone.  We do this together.

As presented in the NAWS CORONAVIRUS STATEMENT, “Some groups are discussing contingencies for the possibility that they will not be able to meet face to face for some period; ideas include hosting phone meetings or online meetings. These are just a few thoughts; we honor each NA group’s responsibility to discuss and determine what is best for their meeting.”  If you have not yet reviewed the NAWS Coronavirus Statement, please do so here.

OPEN LOCATIONS:  The Gold Coast Area Service Admin Committee has confirmed local clubhouses are open and have some availability.  (We suggest displaced groups contact them directly for more information.)  

VIRTUAL MEETINGS:  For Groups considering virtual meetings, there are many online video conference platforms available.  Also consider existing virtual meetings.  Visit for more information.  

HOME GROUP & MEETING UPDATES:  At this time, please email any updates on meeting location changes to BOTH webinfo [at] AND pr [at]  We will be doing our best to keep this information as current as possible.  Changes to posted events or subcommittee meetings will be posted or sent out via email.  To subscribe to Gold Coast Area announcements and minutes publication, visit:

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Please continue to reach out with questions or concerns. Please continue to utilize the website ( and the 24-HOUR HELPLINE at 888-524-1777.

“Our meetings are a process of identification, hope and sharing. The heart of NA beats when two addicts share their recovery. What we do becomes real for us when we share it. This happens on a larger scale in our regular meetings. A meeting happens when two or more addicts gather to help each other stay clean.”

     (Narcotics Anonymous, Chapter 2)